• Walking with you on your path through grief

    • Be gentle with yourself- you're doing the best you can.

    • Your Path Through Grief Program

    • They say time heals all wounds, but that presumes the source of the grief is finite” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince
    • When loss happens it affects everyone

      When we lose a loved one, we all lose, and we all have to cope, each in our own way. As a double widow myself I’ve found that all those recipes and rules and lists for coping are really, well, wrong. There aren’t any rules, and every loss is different for every member of a family. That couldn’t be better exemplified by the smallest member of my immediate family. This is Fuzzy. You’ve probably seen her on our website. She’s always with me. Always. I have to hire a sitter for her if I am gone. The neighbor had to watch her at her house just so I could go to Christmas Eve services [...]

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